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Terms & Conditions

1 - Objective

This document establishes the pre-contractual information relating to contracts concluded at a distance on the website www.firecum.com referred on the Decree-Law, and all subdomains/sub-websites. The domain www.firecum.com and the Firecum brand are the property of Firecum, hereinafter referred to as Firecum, with the following postal address: Firecum | P.O. Box 0000 | Place | 0000-000 City | Country.

Firecum reserves the right to freely modify this pre-contractual information in order to adapt it to the applicable legislation, without the need for any prior notice.

Browsing the website www.firecum.com, its subdomains and sub-websites, as well as the purchase of any product at those addresses, presupposes acceptance of this information and the General Conditions of Use contained on this page.

Online sales are valid and applicable to the territories of our country's mainland. We also sell abroad, with no territorial restrictions.

2 - Conditions of use of www.firecum.com

The User undertakes to use this website in compliance with the provisions of the applicable legislation, refraining from using the website for activities contrary to the law, morality and good customs, or the rights and interests of third parties.

The www.firecum.com website may contain links to other websites, which may contain useful information/tools for their users. These general conditions will not apply to third party websites. Therefore, if you visit another website, redirected from our website, you should read its privacy policy.

These General Terms and Conditions of Contract and Use apply to visitors to the www.firecum.com website, as well as to any commercial transactions carried out through the Firecum online shop available there.

Browsing the site, as well as purchasing any product from Firecum, implies acceptance of these General Conditions of Contract and Use by the User and the Client.

Firecum reserves the right to change these General Conditions of Contract and Use without prior notice, and any changes will be published on the website www.firecum.com.

3 - Modification of these Conditions

Firecum reserves the right to unilaterally modify, at any time and without prior notice, the presentation and content of the website, its services and the general conditions of use, with the exception of contracts that have already been entered into and are in progress. These modifications will serve to improve the website, while at the same time improving the services offered to the website user who, if they do not agree with the changes made, may terminate the contract.

4 - Intellectual property

All the content and information contained on www.firecum.com and its subdomains is the property of Firecum and therefore the use, reproduction, copying and dissemination by other means of logos, texts, images and videos contained on that website is subject to its prior authorisation in this regard.

5 - Product and Price Information

5.1 Product Information

Firecum takes into account the information regarding the essential characteristics of the products through photographs and videos shared by its suppliers, which illustrate the commercialised products, in strict compliance with the best market standards.

5.2 Price information

The retail prices indicated on www.firecum.com and its subdomains are shown in euros.

Shipping costs are borne by the user and buyer, and are added to the total value of the products selected. Shipping costs are also offered in certain promotional campaigns. The user will be informed of these charges before confirming their order and completing the purchase process. Firecum reserves the right to change prices at any time. However, Firecum undertakes to apply the rates and prices indicated when the purchase order was placed.

In the event of a computer, manual or technical error, or of any other origin, which causes a substantial change not foreseen by Firecum in the retail price, such that it becomes exorbitant or manifestly derisory, the purchase order will be considered invalid and cancelled.

The prices and products available on www.firecum.com are only valid for purchase orders placed via www.firecum.com and may not coincide with other websites.

6 - Purchasing process

6.1 Registration

In order to place an order you need to go to www.firecum.com , and register as a user on that website by filling in the electronic form following the instructions for each stage. Once registered, the user can proceed to purchase their product(s).

The Customer and the User undertake to comply with and respect these General Terms and Conditions of Contract and Use, in particular:

1. To refrain from introducing, storing or disseminating defamatory, obscene, insulting, xenophobic and/or any other type of content through the website that violates the general principles of law and public order;

2. To keep, and not disclose, your password for entering the site in order to prevent third parties from accessing your account at www.firecum.com.

3. Not to use false identities;

4. To provide correct personal data and addresses so that Firecum can process orders properly.

Users are therefore expressly prohibited from transmitting messages or information that are insulting, misleading, defamatory, obscene or that in any way violate the right to privacy or the intellectual or industrial property of third parties, as well as making available any information that could be harmful to third parties or to the owner of the site.

Firecum reserves the right to delete the account of any user who realises any of these situations.

The Client is responsible for the veracity of the data communicated to Firecum and undertakes to immediately insert any changes to it in their Registration Account on www.firecum.com.

Firecum declines all responsibility for any delay or impossibility of processing the order, namely in the act of delivery, resulting from error or insufficiency of the data communicated by the Customer.

6.2 Product availability

All items on the www.firecum.com website are available to order, except those labelled SOLD OUT. The www.firecum.com website does not inform the consumer of stock availability. All orders are confirmed by e-mail within 24 hours (working days). It is only after this confirmation and validation that payment for the order is processed.

6.3 Payment methods

Firecum offers various solutions for paying for your order at www.firecum.com . The Firecum website does not process automatic payments. All forms of payment are subject to order confirmation. The payment methods accepted are:

- Paypal: once the order has been validated, the customer is asked to confirm payment by requesting payment via www.paypal.com.

- Transfer by Bank Account: By selecting this payment method, the customer will be informed of the Bank Account Number to where payment should be made and the order will be pending until payment is received. If the order is not paid for a reasonable number of days, the order will be canceled.

7 - Customer Support: Help, Suggestions and Complaints

At any time, the user of the website can contact the Customer Service Department, via the e-mail address store@firecum.com , or on our "contact us" form.

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